VAT Registration

VAT Registration

Online VAT Registration - Just £43.43 Ex. VAT.

Once your turnover reaches £82,000 per annum then you will be expected to register your business for VAT with HMRC and be issued with a VAT number.

Until you carry out a VAT registration you cannot charge or reclaim VAT, so it can make a big difference to your business.

Business owners often find suppliers and other businesses are unwilling to do deal with them unless they have a VAT registration number.

Order VAT registration online today whatever your business - Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships.

  • FAST online VAT registration

  • 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE Service

  • No problems or issues usually associated with VAT registration

  • Low cost, one off payment

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Voluntary VAT Registration

If your turnover is less than £82,000, you may still choose to carry out a VAT registration.

Voluntarily registering your company for VAT, even when you are not required to do so can be beneficial to a company, allowing it to claim back VAT on purchases, as well as charge it on sales.

This can be especially of benefit to companies who are selling one sort of VAT Rated product while buying another. So if you are selling zero rated, but buying standard rate, you can actually receive money back from the HMRC.

You may choose voluntary VAT registration to make dealing with other businesses that little bit easier. Whatever your reasons, the benefits are obvious.

  • VAT registration number for your business

  • Reclaim and charge VAT on purchases/sales

  • Present a big company image with even a small business

VAT Registration Guidance

VAT Registration Guidance

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VAT Registration Guidance

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VAT Registration Articles

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