All our websites now come with HTTPS as standard

Lets Encrypt LogoWe are now putting all websites we build for our clients onto HTTPS. We are doing this for all of our web customers for free using the Let’s Encrypt scheme.

At The Company Warehouse we primarily build websites for new startup businesses. For most new businesses having a strong online presence is essential to establishing their credibility and to attracting new customers. That means having a site that looks good, has credible content and ranks well in search.

To get your website onto HTTPS you need an SSL/TLS certificate. These are issued by an independent authority who run checks on the website’s domain name and server to make sure they are who they claim to be. Being on HTTPS is increasingly becoming the norm for business websites and is an important credibility boost.

There are also SEO benefits to having your website on HTTPS as Google now use it as a ranking signal. They have publically said given the choice between a site on HTTPS and on not on HTTPS Google will rank the HTTPS site higher in the search results. So being on HTTPS is likely to result in more traffic and more customers onto your website.

Beyond the benefits for individual business websites we support the move to HTTPs that is for online services more generally. It has always been something of an anomaly that the majority of sites existed without HTTPS and therefore were inherently insecure. With the ease of offering HTTPS that Let’s Encrypt gives there is now no reason why the vast majority of websites and online services cannot move onto a secure footing.


To find out more about making your website HTTPS, or about our website and digital marketing services more generally, just give us a call on 0800 0828 727.

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