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How Healthy is your Company’s Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is often an area which small businesses overlook, either because they think it is not relevant to them, or because it is surrounded in complex rules. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have been making a lot of effort recently to educate small businesses about intellectual property and have recently launched an online Intellectual […]

“Social Enterprise”: A case study in trademark law

Social Enterprise UK are an umbrella group set up to promote businesses with a community purpose. They define social enterprise as: A business driven by social and/or environmental purpose. They are trading organisations (their main income streams are revenues for goods and services provided, not grants or donations). Successful social enterprises generate surpluses or profits […]

Similar Domain Names: How to Avoid Breaking the Rules

We frequently hear of cases where a start-up company has bought a domain name only to find that a very similar name is already in use. The start-ups usually want to know if they can get away with using their new domain name. As with a lot of issues around intellectual property this is a […]

Choosing Business Names – Does Length Matter?

Standard advice when choosing a domain name for your business is to not go for anything over 15 characters. The reasoning being that the name needs to be catchy and memorable. The standard view in psychology is that the limits of human short term memory are about 3-5 chunks of information. So if you are […]

How to Register a Domain Name

Securing your company’s domain name is now nearly as important as securing your company name. Your domain name will be your company’s name online. It will be your website address & form half of your email address. It will feature alongside your company name on your business cards, signs and other communications. When choosing company […]

What is copyright and why does your business need to know about it?

Copyright is one of the 4 main types of intellectual property recognised in the UK. It is an automatic right which covers ‘original’ creative works. These can include literary works, music, art, images and film. It gives people who have created these works the right to either stop other people from copying them or the […]

What is a trade mark?

Trade marks are part of your intellectual property. Intellectual Property is a way of identifying who owns an idea. If an idea is covered by Intellectual Property then it is protected. Anyone who wants to make money from that idea has to ask permission and may have to pay. Not all ideas can be covered […]

Should you let customers make business decisions for you?

You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. That bit of advice comes from Steve Jobs, one of the most successful makers of consumer products ever. Often it gets shorted down to simply “customers don’t know what they want”. At the opposite end of the spectrum from […]