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Unexpected Rise in EU Citizens starting businesses in the UK post Brexit

As a company formation agent we monitor trends in UK limited company formations. From our previous research we knew that around 11% of the directors of newly formed UK companies are EU citizens. We were therefore keen to discover what effect Brexit would have on UK company formations numbers. We were pretty sure that we […]

The Company Warehouse Recognised as Online Marketing All Stars

The Company Warehouse have been named a 2015 Online Marketing All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, one of the world’s leading providers of online marketing tools. John Orlando, chief marketing officer at Constant Contact has said that “Our All Stars are leading the way, showing us the difference online marketing can make for a […]

What is really driving the growth in new UK companies?

We recently blogged about the reports that appear on an almost weekly basis about the number of new companies being formed in the UK. Most of these reports use the same dodgy stats to announce that there are a record breaking number of new businesses starting in the UK. This is normally trumpeted as a […]

5 Startup Scams to Be Wary Of

Startups are as vulnerable to fraudulent activity as the most established businesses, in fact they’re arguably more so. The process required to get companies registered with Companies House and properly set up to begin trading makes them a prime target for scammers who are using increasingly sophisticated methods of deception. Many scams involve criminals pretending […]

Which Party Should Startups Put Their Trust In?

With the general election looming ever closer, the political parties are fighting tooth and nail to try and convince undecided voters to pledge their support to them on polling day. One of the demographics that have been a focus for virtually all of the campaigns has been the country’s small business owners. Widely agreed to […]

6 Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know

We’ve all seen it on Dragon’s Den. The sight of budding entrepreneurs squirming in front of the panel as they try to recall the financial information about their fledgling businesses that will go a long way to determining whether they secure investment or not. But it’s not just your prospects for receiving a cash injection […]