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6 Tips for Maximising Your Chances of Securing Funding For Your Business

All but a select few business startups will rely heavily on loans to get their enterprises off the ground. Those lucky enough to self-fund their new ventures are few and far between, so you will need to convince those willing to lend of the viability of you and your business. But what are your funding […]

HMRC Scathed By Watchdog

HM Revenue & Customs recently found themselves being brutally scathed by the BBC’s Watchdog programme. People have complained about the excuses offered to them by HMRC in terms of “backlogs” and “computer glitches”, one person was even told that his files had been “lost”. HM Revenue & Customs have strict policies when it comes to […]

What is a partnership?

Partnership occurs where two or more people go into business together with the intention of making a profit. Establishing their business and registering as self-employed they share the decision making, any profits the business makes and also any debt the business accrues. The partnership business itself, has no separate legal structure and entirely rests on […]

40% of calls to HMRC Remain Unanswered

Recent research by the BBC shows that as many as 40% of calls placed to HMRC remain unanswered. People trying to contact Revenue and Customs for help and support are being left out in the cold. This is especially surprising and no doubt frustrating, considering the recent drive by HMRC to encourage more people to […]