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5 Great Digital Skills Resources for Startups and Small Businesses

Last week we published our research on startups and digital skills, BamGoogled: Digital skills among newly registered businesses. The report highlighted that while digital skills are bad among small businesses they are worse among newly registered businesses. The report showed that the vast majority of new businesses being started in the UK lacked the skills […]

Many Startups Dependent on Google Adwords

Our BamGoogled: Digital skills among newly registered businesses report highlights the lack of digital marketing knowledge and skills among early stage startups. One of the key findings was that less than 10% of startups know what they need to do to get ‘organic’ traffic onto their website from Google, social media and other sources. A […]

Less than 10% of Startups Budget for Online Marketing

One of the first challenges most startups have is finding their first paying customer. Not long after that the challenge normally becomes finding enough customers to become profitable. Doing this is going to require a marketing effort of some kind whether that is going to networking events and trade shows, handing out flyers or advertising […]

Top 5 New Domain Names

The new global TLDs have been out for a few months now and we are starting to get a sense of which ones are proving popular. Last year ICANN, who are the international body responsible for domain names, started approving a whole new range of Top Level Domains (TLDs). This meant that in addition to […]

Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

You may have considered how the content on your website should be optimised according to what your target audience searches for, but have you given much thought to the devices that your customers are accessing search engines from? If not, then you should be. Last year saw the number of mobile internet users surpass the […]