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Top 5 New Domain Names

The new global TLDs have been out for a few months now and we are starting to get a sense of which ones are proving popular. Last year ICANN, who are the international body responsible for domain names, started approving a whole new range of Top Level Domains (TLDs). This meant that in addition to […]

CNAME, URL Forwarding & Frame Forwarding: Which is best?

Many of our customers buy multiple domain names for the same website. For instance many businesses like to have the, .com and other variations of their domain name. This is useful if customers are manually typing your website address in and get it wrong, but it is also useful in stopping other people getting […]

Similar Domain Names: How to Avoid Breaking the Rules

We frequently hear of cases where a start-up company has bought a domain name only to find that a very similar name is already in use. The start-ups usually want to know if they can get away with using their new domain name. As with a lot of issues around intellectual property this is a […]

Choosing Business Names – Does Length Matter?

Standard advice when choosing a domain name for your business is to not go for anything over 15 characters. The reasoning being that the name needs to be catchy and memorable. The standard view in psychology is that the limits of human short term memory are about 3-5 chunks of information. So if you are […]

How to Register a Domain Name

Securing your company’s domain name is now nearly as important as securing your company name. Your domain name will be your company’s name online. It will be your website address & form half of your email address. It will feature alongside your company name on your business cards, signs and other communications. When choosing company […]

Top Level Domain Names: What to choose for your new website

Top level domains (TLDs) are the bit that comes at the end of a website address. Common examples would be ‘.com’, ‘’ and ‘.org’. Which TLDs you can use is decided by ICANN who are an American not for profit organisation. Recently they have taken the decision to expand the number of TLDs available and […]