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We are involved in creating thousands of companies and we try to keep in touch with as many of them as we can. We have decided to launch a new series of blog posts to highlight some of the more interesting and creative companies who use our services.

Opening our series of company profiles is BeeARTisan. BeeARTisan have already attracted an impressive amount of press coverage with their range of bespoke wedding gifts. They have been featured by a number of wedding websites, events and magazines including Conde Nast Brides. They have also built up a substantial social media following and now using the website we built for them as an eCommerce platform.

Nicholletta who founded BeeARTisan managed to fit answering some of our questions into her busy schedule.

BeeARTisan The Company Warehouse Customer Profile

The Company Warehouse: To start with could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career background?

Nicholletta: I used to work as a litigation paralegal. Since I was entering my new, current, phase in life with my baby it was time for a change and to start working towards creating a business by turning to my more creative, hands on side.

The Company Warehouse: How did you get the idea for your business?

Nicholletta: My inspiration came from a beekeeping course that I did in High Wycombe.  Becoming a beekeeper as a hobby was fascinating and there was, and there is, still so much to learn from beekeeping. Aside from bee husbandry I have even to learned how to tackle woodworking skills that I never knew I had!

The Company Warehouse: How would you explain what your company does to a potential customer?

Nicholletta: BeeARTisan creates exclusive and bespoke keepsake wedding favors, discerning quality little gifts for the guests. We put pure honey into personalized containers. We have various ranges using materials like 9ct gold, glass, papyrus, brass and terracotta. Because all of the containers are personalized they can double up as guest place holders for wedding banquets or parties.

The Company Warehouse: What have been the biggest challenges and successes in your business so far?

Nicholletta: The biggest challenge without a doubt is finding the best way to showcase to future customers the high quality product BeeARTisan is committed to create.  I believe any new/small company starting out finds this the biggest hurdle to begin with, in simple terms to become known, to become established.  Once a business passes that initial hurdle the hard work does not stop. The business will want to keep proving its worth and for that it needs to focus on its competitive and creative edge. You feel successful when an order is coming in since it is the confirmation, that yes the business has a great product to offer that is in demand.

The Company Warehouse: What advice would you offer to other new business start-ups?

Nicholletta: Starting a new business is hard work, no doubt about that. Be prepared to work all hours of the day to get to where you want to get. Also be prepared to listen to feedback and fine tune your product till you get it right. Be prepared to take calculated risks on budgeting.

The Company Warehouse: Where can customers buy your products?

Nicholletta: BeeARTisan showcases its creations at top established Wedding Fairs in the UK, where orders can be placed.  The next Wedding Shows that are coming up are The National Wedding Show and the Asian Wedding Exhibition.  After that we will be featuring in the ‘Glow’ exhibition in the Bluewater shopping centre. Of course orders can also be placed by visiting BeeARTisan’s website which provides detailed product information and photographs.

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