Free SEO Resources for Start-ups

Having a well designed website which is easy to find is increasingly important for new businesses. If your business is not easy to find online then it will make the job of attracting paying customers much, much harder. While there are lots of businesses out there who will promise to get you to the top of the search engine results for free there is also a wealth of free information on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) available online. The following are some of the best free resources available on the web:

How search works

If you want to get your website to the top of the search results then it helps if you know how search works. In the UK search is synonymous with Google who have around 90% of the search market. Helpfully they have provided their own video describing the basics of how their search engine works.

SEO for Start-ups

As well as explaining how their search engine works Google are increasingly trying to offer advice on how to get your website to show up in their results. Although this advice inevitably comes around to recommending you buy their advertising much of it is valuable.

Beginners Guides and Tutorials

Once you have got a grasp of the basics through the videos above there are a number of good guides to SEO which will give you more depth of the different area you need to consider.

The SEOMoz Beginners Guide to SEO offers a very detailed overview of search engine optimisation over ten chapters covering tools, researching and measuring your progress.

The SEO Journal’s SEO 101 Resources offers their own fifteen chapter guide to SEO as well as links to a wealth of other online resources.

If you would like more help with search engine optimisation and getting your website found we can offer a range of tools, reports and advice tailored to your specific business needs. Our Business Consultants can talk you through these options.

2 thoughts on “Free SEO Resources for Start-ups

  1. Tom

    I would advice any person new to SEO to start with some simple techniques. All SEO tools & guides might be overwhelming at first and it might be smart to outsource SEO if you want to stay focus on developing your business rather than wasting your precious time on it.

  2. Steve in Birmingham

    The start-up video is excellent!

    I wonder just how many web designers ask those sorts of questions when they’re building websites for their customers… Not many I think is the answer! in the video it was very interesting.

    It it was also very interesting that the advice by Google on the start-up video was to build a 50 page website unless it’s an e-commerce site… I would have expected the advice to have been more than this?

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