Small businesses struggling with GDPR registration

What's up with the ICO?

Unless you’ve been living “off net” or on a different planet you’ll be familiar with GDPR by now. The legislation designed to help people gain greater control over their personal data with web giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple is causing problems with small businesses in the UK as they scramble to comply.

For small businesses the headache continues as they struggle to even register their business with the Data Protection Registrar, the ICO.

TheCompanyWarehouse.Co.Uk is aware the ICO website was offline on the 25th May 2018, the day that GDPR came into effect, as heavy web traffic appeared to overwhelm the Government website.
Further online registration services are not working for some users and this problem is now into it’s 5th day.
The problems are made worse as the ICO’s telephone lines have been clogged up for days with the recorded announcement telling callers to expect a 1 hour call queue.

There are no service updates on the @ICONEWS twitter feed or on the ICO blog so there is real uncertainty for small business owners who are unable to get their businesses registered due to no fault of their own.

A statement from the ICO is needed to reassure small businesses. TheCompanyWarehouse.Co.Uk has asked the ICO press office for a comment.

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