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Social Media Marketing Important For Small Business

Social-media-marketingSocial media is becoming more and more important for small business. Getting your new business noticed and standing out from the hordes of other businesses out there is one of the great hurdles faced by all SMEs – which is why more and more people are turning to social media and networking tools to expand their market.

Recent research carried out across a range of 1,898 businesses by SocialMediaExaminer.com found that a large percentage of small businesses were using social media to market their business.

The study shows that although B2B companies use social media more than B2C companies, both are using these marketing tools more in 2010 compared to 2009. The increase is not just in the range of tools being used, but also the amount of time spent on social media marketing throughout the working week:

“76% of marketers are spending at least 4 hours each week on their social media marketing efforts.”

Although the majority of people only spend a small amount of time each week on social media marketing, the study also showed that a large percentage of business owners and marketers are looking to invest more time in it. There are significant benefits to doing so; in terms of increased website traffic, improved SEO, reduced marketing expenses, increased sales leads, enhanced business exposure and improved partnerships/business relations – all through the use of the various social media marketing tools available to small business.

At least 67% of marketers plan on increasing their use of blogs, Facebook, video/YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You might be surprised to learn that the list of social media tools includes (in order of popularity):

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Blogs
  5. Youtube
  6. Social bookmarking sites
  7. Forums
  8. Digg, Stumbleupon, etc
  9. Ning sites; and
  10. MySpace

The most popular social networking tools are heavily used by the majority of small businesses taking part in social media marketing and most of those people report seeing significant results from their use.

I have previously written about The Importance of Business Blogging, yet blogging is just one part of the social media toolkit. Driving traffic to your site, increasing your business profile and boosting sales are all your end goals and social media is an excellent way to enhance your marketing in these areas for a low-cost.

Many businesses report improvements in these areas after a number of months invested in social media marketing. It takes time and commitment, but social media could make a difference for your business. Why not get stuck in today?

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Stake Your Business Claim On The Internet Or Someone Else Will


Stake your claim on the internet

If you don’t stake your business claim on the internet, you risk this happening to you (among other things). BP has been subject to a lot of abuse lately over their mishaps in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the more recent critical commentaries has come from a fake Twitter account set up in their name. @BPGlobalPR – an unofficial account has been posting scathing comments about the multi-national giant’s activities with comments such as this:


Much to BP’s dismay, the fake account has nearly 200,000 followers (while the legitimate account @BP_America has less 20,000) and has been publicised across the internet, causing yet more damage to their brand.

This sort of “name jacking” is not a new phenomenon with many celebrities being subject to the same sort of problems. Not being quick enough to register an account in their name they are forced to register accounts with “Real” in front of their name or otherwise beg Twitter to close down the fake accounts.

Twitters “verified” service is helpful when trying to determine real from fake, but only if the real person actually has an account. Kanye West famously hasn’t had one. Until recently that is; when he finally got one to get ahead of all the fakers. Interestingly, he’s only following 1 person, who is now making headlines himself.

Of course these sorts of problems are not new to the internet. Over the years many people (and businesses) have found their ideal domain name (website address) already purchased by someone else and held to ransom or used in unexpected and undesirable ways. Known as “cybersquatting” it has been a thorn in the side of business for years and a perfect example of why a business should stake its claim as soon as possible.

Staking your claim

Starting any new business, one of the first things you should do is stake your claim on the internet. Probably even before choosing your company name. If you have some ideas, carry out a domain search and quickly register a domain name before someone else beats you to it.

You should consider setting up a Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts, if only to prevent others from using your business name in vein.

The good news is Twitter is planning a business verification scheme for sometime in the future, which will help protect businesses and prevent customer confusion.

Twitter catching up with Google in searches


Interesting Stats from Twitter Chirp Conference - http://chirp.twitter.com/

Apparently, according to statistics released by Twitter and compared with other sources, Twitter is the next big search engine. The figures show that with over 19 billion searches a month, Twitter is both surpassing Yahoo! and Bing and biting at Googles heels.

Interesting really when you consider that Twitter have also announced that over 300,000 people sign up a day to their service. With Tweeting, Re-tweeting and #tags (hashtags) there are interesting implications for Search Engine Optimisation in the future. More and more businesses are using Twitter to promote their business, gain new leads and make sales.

Twitter have realised the potential and are thinking about releasing a new ad system through there service – “Promoted Tweets“. Another potential way to market your business?


Promoted Tweet Example - Social Media Advertising

Google are catching on too, adding Tweets to live search and the future of their search engine in general.

So make sure you think about using Twitter for your new business or you might miss out!

Here at TheCompanyWarehouse.co.uk we’re keen to see you succeed in your business endeavours. Keep an eye on this blog, add us on Twitter and watch out for new services coming soon. Our web-site design service, search engine submission product and keyword analysis tools are just some of the ways we can help your business get ahead on the web.

Using Social Media For Marketing?


In a previous article I discussed a number of marketing secrets (Free Secrets to Marketing Success), noting a number of different techniques that could be used to improve a company’s profile and bring in extra custom. More and more companies are using social media and networking tools to promote their businesses in a number of different ways, taking a mix of the different techniques. A tool such as Twitter can be used both in terms of internet marketing and word of mouth. Such a technique has been demonstrated by the Marriott Hotel chain, who have used celebrities to review their newly revamped hotels on Twitter (Marriott asks Twitterati to review revamped hotels). An interesting, yet simple plan which would only require a quick “tweet” from the celebrity and would spread the word to thousands of their followers. You can imagine that the more famous celebrities will have more followers. People who may trust their words implicitly. This is word of mouth marketing at its best and most simplistic.

If you are confident enough in your own company’s service, perhaps you could adapt a similar approach, after all, the success of a company depends on much more than just having a solid product or service. You need to get the recognition you deserve.

We can provide you with the support you need to get a foot on the ladder and get ahead in the market place. Available for FREE download in the member’s area of our website (My Company Warehouse) is a number of business tools, business guides and much more to help you in your endeavours. We also provide professional company services such as logo and bespoke website design to help promote your new company and draw the customers in. Why not see what The Company Warehouse can do for you today?

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