What is a Registered Office Addresses?

Registered Office AddressWhen you register a limited company you have to provide a UK address for the company (known as your registered office address). Before you decide what address to use there are a few things you ought to consider

1 – You have to have one

The point of having a registered office address is that it makes your company transparent and easy to track down. Your company will be expected to keep its registers and accounts at your registered office address and have them available for inspection by shareholders or auditors.

2 – Know where the address will be shown

So that everyone knows where to find your company the registered address will be published on the Companies House website. If you purchase domain names, the Internet Registry Company may make your registered office address available on their website. And, all limited companies are also required to display their registered office address on all of their business stationery, websites, invoices and other communications.

3 – The addresses you can use

Your registered office address has to be in the UK. If your company is based in England or Wales you have to use an English or Welsh address. Similarly, companies based in Scotland have to use a Scottish address. The address you provide to Companies House will usually be where your office or shop is, but as a start-up you may use your home address. You can also use a   registered office service. This is an address provided by company formation agents or accountants specifically for registering companies to.

4 – The addresses you can’t use

You have to use a UK address so if you’re based abroad, a registered office service would be really helpful. It’s important to check your contract if you rent your house or flat. Many tenancy agreements state that you are not allowed to use the premises for business purposes. If this is the case then registering a business to your home could be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

5 – The benefits of using a Registered Office Service

A registered office service is an address provided by an accountant or company formation agent which people can use to register their companies to. There are several benefits to using a registered office service:

  • Keeps your home address private even if you work from home;
  • Gives a professional image as you aren’t using a residential address;
  • Gives the impression that you’re a bigger organisation than you are;
  • Helps keep your personal and business matters separate;
  • Perfect for directors who are overseas and need a UK address.

It is possible to change your registered office address once your company has been set-up. So if you have registered at your home address but do not want it in the public domain this can be changed reasonably easily.

For more information about registered office addresses and how to take advantage of the Registered Office Service we offer, call our Business Consultants today on 01245 492 777.

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