Quick Start Digital Marketing

£999 ex VAT

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  • Quick Overview
    It can take weeks or months for new websites to establish themselves in Google
  • We will give your site a boost for the first three months with targeted activity to attract customers
  • We will actively manage your website content, blog and social media accounts
  • We can also run online advertising campaigns to further boost your business
  • We will spend time understanding your business and provide you with a plan of action before starting any work
  • Eligibility
    Eligibility: If we have not built your website there may be additional costs
  • Checkout Total


  • A 3 month burst of focussed digital marketing activity to get your new business off to the best possible start
  • We will get your social media accounts up and running and use them to drive traffic to your website
  • We can give your business an additional boost with targeted Google, Facebook and Twitter adverts
  • Ensures you business letters are in a professional format
  • All work will be done in accordance with Google’s best practice guidelines

Did you know?

80% of people use internet search as their first port of call to find businesses. In the UK Google has around 92% of the search market. So if people are searching for businesses like yours they will probably be using Google.

It can take a few weeks for Google to pick up new websites and several months for your website to build up a decent ranking.


Google Search is an important source of visitors for most websites but it isn't the only way to get customers onto your site. A typical website will get it's visitors through 4 main channels:

  • 51% of website traffic comes from organic search (Google)
  • 34% of website traffic is direct or from referrals (often called dark social)
  • 10% of website traffic comes from paid advertising
  • 5% of website traffic comes through social media

Our Quickstart Package works on all 4 of these areas so that your website gets off to the best possible start from all directions.

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