The Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Limited Company

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1 - Choosing a company name

How to choose a company name.

"Make sure your name is unique."

The golden rule when setting up a limited company is a unique company name. Make sure you know how to check a company name is available.

No two companies can be registered with the same name, or a name which is too similar to an existing company. Making sure the company name you choose is unique will also help you to market your company and avoid any confusion with other businesses. 

"Avoid long and confusing names"

Imagine using your name in real world scenario. The same applies for domain names.

  • How will it sound when you answer the telephone?
  • Could the name be easy to mis-spell? or
  • Will you permanently be spelling the name for potential clients.

"Make sure it's easy to pronounce"

Making up a name or using foreign words is an easy way to ensure your name is unique (and can also help you be bang on trend).

The Danish word "Hygge" is one current example. Roughly translated it means a quality of cosiness (= feeling warm, comfortable, and safe). Pretty cool if you have a lifestyle type business. This is how to pronounce "Hygge".

As your company name will be a key part of how you market your business and build your brand it is worth thinking about carefully. What you call your company says a lot about how you intend to run it and how you will market it. Company names often fall into one of 3 types:

3 Types of Company Name

Traditional Company Names – names like J. Arkwright & Sons Construction Ltd, or Jacobs & Thurlow Solicitors. Traditional names like these tell you what the business does, who runs it and that it is probably a family business with a solid reputation. Perfect if you are looking for a reliable local business.

Descriptive – names like Quick Car Hire Ltd or The Handmade Soap Company Ltd. These names tell you what the company does and also a bit about how they do it and their values. Just from the name we already know what to expect from these companies.

Unique – names like Google, Yahoo or Zoopla. These company names don’t tell you anything about what the business does. Instead each of these businesses has built up a reputation and a public image so that we all now what someone means when they say ‘Google it’.  Unique names like this are ideal for very innovative businesses.

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