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Company Names For Sale

The Company Warehouse has a number of company names for sale. You can search the company names data base to see which company names are available for sale or choose from a number of company names that we already have registered with Companies House, in the form of dormant or vintage companies.

You can see a list of company names for sale on our vintage company page, but the list is regularly being updated, so for a more up to date list, contact one of our team on 0800 0828 727.

FREE Company Names For Sale

Choosing a company name for your new company, you can opt to take advantage of our limited time offer and form a new company for free!

Company Domain Names For Sale

When choosing a company name for your new company, be sure to give some thought to how you intend to market your new business. In today's society, a business without a web presence will miss out on potential custom and revenue. It's important to get on the web and get yourself known. At The Company Warehouse we recognise the importance of this and are offering the lowest cost company domain names for sale in the UK.

To see a list of company domain names for sale, take a look at our domain registration page and search for your chosen name to see if it's available for purchase.