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16 - Company registers

What are company registers?

As well as the Minutes of the First Board Meeting and Share Certificates there are a whole bunch of other documents which all limited companies are legally required to have. These are known as the ‘company registers’ or ‘statutory registers’.


The list of registers a limited company is required to keep are:

  • PSC Registers (People with significant control)

  • Register of Directors

  • Register of Director's Usual Residential Address

  • Register of Members (shareholders)

  • Register of Secretaries

  • Register of Mortgages and Charges

  • Register of Debentures


Where should you keep company registers?

The company registers should be kept at the registered office address of your limited company. The registers are a bit like a school register in that they contain lists of names and addresses of individuals that are involved in the company and financial information in the case of mortgages. 


Should company registers be updated?

You are expected to update them as and when there are any changes to your company. The company registers should be an accurate record of what is going on with the different parts of your limited company. If you are asked to produce the company registers and don’t have them you can be fined. 

Again, Companies House don’t provide these documents and you will be expected to source them yourself. The Company Warehouse can provide you with company registers whether you do accompany formation with us or whether you do it somewhere else.

Fig 1. Example showing a register of shareholders.

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