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Get your business off to the right start

At the heart of our Startup Accountancy packages is our bookkeeping and accountancy software. The software is powered by Kashflow who are a UK based company and market leaders in producing software for small businesses.

Designed specifically for the needs of startups and new businesses our bookkeeping and accountancy software is run in the cloud. This means that there is no software to install or update. Your accounts are available from any computer with an internet connection and are automatically backed up. You can share your accounts online with your accountant so that they can instantly see what is going on with your business and quickly generate reports and tax returns if you need them. With our bookkeeping software you will be able to:

  • Raise invoices on your own company branded template and email them direct to clients
  • Easily keep track of expenses and see instant reports on cashflow and profits
  • Run reports to see who you need to pay and who owes you money
  • Calculate VAT returns online
  • Share accounts information with your accountant to speed up processing of returns.
  • Automatically feed in information from your bank accounts, reducing the need for manual processing

Meeting Your Legal Obligations

All businesses are required to keep accurate financial records. HMRC can inspect your business at any time and ask to see your records. If they are not up to date this can lead to penalty fines. Using our bookkeeping software means that you can easily keep records which will meet the HMRC’s needs. Having up to date records will also help you plan your business spending to make sure that you can meet supplier’s bills and your tax payments.

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