Limited Liability Partnership

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If you've decided that registering a limited liability partnership is for you then we know you'll be keen to get started as soon as possible. We've got the knowledge and experience of dealing with Companies House to ensure the correct registration of new LLPs quickly and efficiently.



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Is a Limited Liability Partnership For You?

As an alternative to company formation, some people choose to register a limited liability partnership. Slightly more flexible than limited companies, limited liability partnerships still maintain the benefit of limited liability but without the more stringent regulation.

Much like a limited company, LLPs are separate legal entities from the owners and this is how the financial liability is detached.

The downside is LLPs are required to pay higher level of taxes than LTDs but the flexibility of management is sometimes more appealing to people thinking about registering a partnership.

The most obvious difference between LLP registration and company formation is the need for multiple business owners. Limited liability partnerships can be registered by 2 or more people, while limited liability companies need just one director/shareholder.

Before deciding what the best option is for your business, you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of limited liability partnership registration on our blog.


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Here at we know about starting business. We've got an experienced limited liability partnership registration team on hand to ensure your LLP is setup as smoothly and as easily as possible. We're experienced in dealing with Companies House and know how to properly register a new LLP to ensure your business starts off as quickly as possible with no complications. You'll get FREE support as well as access to My Company Warehouse – where you can find the essential business toolkit to get the most out of your LLP.

Registering your LLP

Get started registering your limited liability partnership today. Fill out a few simple online forms and we'll do the rest.

Our LLP registration team will get you new partnership registered with Companies House and provide you with a suitably drafted deed of partnership; covering the legal aspects of your new business to comply with the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000.

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