Public Limited Company

£79.00 ex VAT

For a budget beating £79 (+VAT) our Public Limited Company formation service includes all the necessaries to ensure a swift and legally correct formation including:


  • Process
    All businesses with a turnover above £83,000 have to register for VAT
  • Below £83,000 you can do a voluntary VAT registration
  • Many big businesses will only deal with VAT registered businesses
  • Once you are VAT registered you can claim back VAT on any purchases
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  • FREE! Expert Guidance and Support from our Knowledgeable Team
    Contact a member of our team on 0800 0828 727 with any queries you might have.
  • FREE! Online Name Check
    Use our FREE online company name search tool to see if your chosen public limited company name is available for registration.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
    This document is issued by Companies House when your public limited company is registered. It is somewhat like a "birth certificate" for a PLC.
  • Drafts Minutes of First Board Meeting
    A legal requirment of all registered companies is to have minutes taken of the first board meeting, correctly drafted and submitted with the registration. This is included in our public limited company formation package.
  • FREE! ‘My Company Warehouse’ login
    A FREE ‘My Company Warehouse’ membership is included with our public limited company registration package. Retrieve invoices, apply for exclusive offers, download free business tools and much much more.
  • FREE! Book-Keeping Software
    Keeping accurate accounts records is not only a legal requirement but good business practice. The Company Warehouse offer you a free Microsoft Excel based book keeping programme to help you get your figures in order. Download now from your ‘My Company Warehouse’ control panel.

Did You Know?

A public limited company is quite simply a limited company which is allowed to offer shares for sale to the public. This means that it can derive extra funds where it needs them by selling more shares and diluting ownership.

Before a public limited company can begin trading it must show that it has issued at least £50,000 worth of shares. Registration of a public limited company also requires a minimum of 2 directors but otherwise is carried out in much the same way as any other Limited Company Formation.

Registering as this sort of Company allows the owners to include the words "Plc" or "public limited company" in its name.


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