What is a Ready Made Company?

Setting up a Limited Company is fast and easy with The Company Warehouse. We have been setting up limited companies since 2003 and are one of the UK's leading company formation agents. Having set up thousands of limited companies we know the process inside out and can get your company setup quickly and efficiently.

Although we can setup limited by guarantee, or public limited companies, the most common type of limited company is a private company limited by shares. If you are setting up a company to run a normal profit making business, or to work as a contractor, then this is likely to be the type of company that you want. There are a few very basic requirements for setting up a private company limited by shares.


Why You Might Need a Ready Made Company

If you've got an important contract in the works, you might need a company registration number in order to enter into it. In this case, a ready made company is the best option, as it may take time to get a company number for a brand new company started from scratch.

Purchasing a ready made company, you can use the pre-registered company number to complete the contract while the company transfer is being completed.


Aged Registration

Another reason to purchase a ready made company is to take advantage of the age of registration. A company which has been previously registered, months or years before (known as a Vintage Company) may be preferable for a number of reasons.

A good example is big contracts, especially with local authorities – some of these require a business to have been registered/established for a number of years before they can bid on the contract. This can present a hurdle for brand new companies, but purchasing a ready made company allows you to get around this problem.


Online Company Registration

In the age of electronic filing systems, registration of a new company with Companies House takes just a few hours, rather than a few days. So the need for ready made companies has become less relevant. For those people who want to form a company in their own name we have a range of company formation packages.

However, there may be circumstances where a ready made company might still be relevant.


Benefits of Ready Made Companies

There are a few benefits of ready made companies which make them an appealing alternative to traditional company formation:

  • Company Registration Number
    For essential contracts and important deals, you can quickly make use of a genuine company number
  • Historic Registration
    Prior registration makes some business dealings easier
  • Finance Acquisition
    Banks and other lenders are more likely to finance a company which was registered historically