Registered Office Service


  • We log all mail that comes in for you
  • We will put the letters you receive in a new envelope and send them onto you by 1st class post
  • We can forward your post to any UK address

Billing and eligibility

  • UK Residents
  • Photo ID required
Customer commitments
Other fees
Debit and Credit Card Fees
Recurring costs
£24.99 + VAT per quarter, 1st quarter included
£ 60 inc VAT

UK Registered Office Address

Every Limited Company registered in the UK must have a “Registered Office” address which should be situated in England, Wales, or Scotland. The purpose of a Company’s Registered Office address is to enable the service of legal documents on your company.

A record of a Company’s Registered Office address is kept on the Companies House database and is available for anybody to inspect free of charge. This address must also be written on all your company correspondence such as letterheads and invoices. It is quite common to use a director's or company secretary's home address as the registered office address.

The Company Warehouse offers a Registered Office address service if, for instance, you wish to keep your home details separate from your company details or your usual residential address is not in England, Wales or Scotland. 

Each item of mail is logged and forwarded unopened in a separate, postage paid, plain envelope. Please be aware that some of our competitors simply re-address your mail without either keeping a record of the item forwarded or paying the associated postage cost.

You must not use our Registered Office address as your trading address and regular correspondence such as the following should not be sent to our premises (but not exclusively):

  1. Letters from your suppliers
  2. Bank Statements
  3. Bank Correspondence
  4. VAT returns or correspondence (you MUST NOT register for VAT at our address. You must register at your “trading address” otherwise you will be committing a criminal offence)
  5. Parcels of any description


Did you know?

Under section 351 of the Companies Act 1985 every limited company is legally obliged to display its full company name, registration number and registered address on all business correspondence as well as outside its place of business.

All UK businesses have to be registered to a UK address. For companies being formed at Companies House England & Wales this needs to be an English or Welsh address. For companies being formed through Companies House Scotland a Scottish address needs to be used.

Registered Office addresses are made public on the Companies House website. As such many people don’t want to register their company to their home address. In addition many tenancy agreements don’t allow you to register a business to a rented flat or house. Therefore many UK based people choose to use a registered office address when forming a limited company.

Our bookkeeping software allows you to create customised invoice templates with your registered office address on. We can also provide you with company letterheads, business cards and email signatures with your registered office address on.


Benefits of a Registered Office

Registered office services offered by other companies might seem cheaper, but our service is the best in terms of quality. Using our registered office service means that your mail is subjected to franked forwarding (postage paid). We do not simply re-address your mail as many of the competitors do.

Our registered office service provides you with a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Privacy – Using our registered office allows you to keep your personal address private.
  • Professional Feel – Using a registered office means you can take advantage of using an address which is not clearly a residential address. Therefore providing your company with a professional feel of a larger, well established company, even if it has only recently been registered.
  • Franked Mail – Your legal and statutory mail will be franked before it is sent on from the registered office, not simply re-addressed.
  • Properly Manned – Our registered office is in use and there will always be someone at hand to forward on your essential and important mail.
  • Legal Requirements – Using a registered office service means that the requirements placed on you by the Companies Act are fulfilled, without you having to worry about the particulars.


  • Provides a UK business address for your company formation
  • Allows you to use our address to register your business with HMRC as well as Companies House
  • We will log any mail you receive and forward mail from HMRC and Companies House to you
  • Using our registered office service helps keep your home address private
  • Our registered office address cannot be used as a trading address, to open a bank account or to register for VAT

Registered Office Service

£50 ex VAT