Case Study: Viney Transport Limited

Viney Transport Limited is a small business that deals in freight transportation by road. The owner of Viney Transport, a professional HGV driver, came to The Company Warehouse in search of accountancy and payroll assistance and is now an ongoing customer.


  • Online bookkeeping software
  • Unlimited ticket and telephone support
  • Payroll platform
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Preparation and filing of annual return to Companies House
  • Processing of monthly payroll
  • HMRC compliant payslips
  • Calculation of tax returns
  • End of year processing including production of P60
  • Preparation and filing of end of year accounts
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About Viney Transport

Viney Transport is a very small business that came to The Company Warehouse in search of accountancy and payroll help and advice. When the client first began working with us, we completed six hours of bookkeeping to complete a full reconciliation of the company's bank statements and financial data before accurately filing the business VAT returns.

In September, Viney Transport Limited discovered that when registering the company through a different agent the business had also been registered for PAYE. Unbeknown to them, Viney Transport Limited had been charged a large penalty for failing to file PAYE returns. The Company Warehouse worked hard to file the back date pay returns from 2014, meaning that the penalty that the company received was no longer payable! We work hard to ensure that every company that comes through our doors benefits from our professional services, whether that is through the organisation of the company accounts or the management of monthly payroll payments. We aim to help each client run their business as smoothly as possible.

Accountancy and Payroll

After their initial company formation, Spirit Journeys has continued to work with us on a regular basis on a variety of aspects for their business. Working closely with the client, The Company Warehouse created the Spirit Journeys logo and website. The logo is intended to evoke both the meditative state of the Spirit Journeys yoga retreats while also promoting the adventurous and travel-hungry side of the trekking and cultural holidays. We feel that the logo accurately and instantaneously reflects the message that Spirit Journeys are aiming to convey. While working on the logo design we also designed and built their website which includes integration with third party travel software. The Company Warehouse designed the site to be accessible and user friendly while still adhering to the overall theme and message of Spirit Journeys.

We made various pages for the full variety of Spirit Journeys trips including Reiki Attunement, Juice Retreats and Tailor-made Tours (many of which are being continually updated and improved). All content for the Spirit Journeys website is search engine optimised with the aim to push the company as high as possible in search engine results. We conducted in depth keyword research for the site in order to develop a comprehensive overview of the competition and discover the best combination of keywords to use in order to boost search engine rankings.


Accountancy Services