Certificate of Incorporation 

The Certificate of Incorporation shows your company has been formed at Companies House. You’ll find all of these on your own Certificate of Incorporation:

a)      It shows the official name of the limited company;

b)      It show the date of incorporation (date the company was formed);

c)      It shows the company number.

Here’s an example of what your Certificate of Incorporation will look like.

Certificate of Incorporation


Where can I find my Certificate of Incorporation?

If you’ve formed your limited company with The Company Warehouse your Certificate of Incorporation will be uploaded to your ‘My Company Warehouse’ account for you to download whenever you need a copy.


Why do I need a Certificate of Incorporation?

The company’s Certificate of Incorporation is proof that your limited company has been formed at Companies House and is now a legal entity in its own right. It also proves that your company’s details have been added to the public register of companies, which anyone can view online. The Certificate of Incorporation does not prove who owns the company, and doesn’t state how the company should be managed.


How do I prove I own the company?

The Share Certificate shows who owns the company. All limited companies have to have these documents, but Companies House does not issue them when you register your business. The company’s Memorandum of Association is a statement made by its members that they wish to form a company. The Articles of Association governs how a company will be managed and how decisions will be made


Where do I get the documents I need?

All of our company formation packages include your Certificate of Incorporation, and Articles and Memorandum of Association. We use standard model documents but we can tweak them to suit your unique business needs.

In addition to these documents there are several other documents which are required by the Companies Act but are not issued by Companies House. Our Corporate Compliance pack includes all of these.


If you are looking to form a limited company or need to get a Certificate of Incorporation for a company which has already been formed then speak to our business consultants now on 01245 492 777.