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Setting Up a Limited Company

Setting up a Limited Company is fast and easy with The Company Warehouse. We have been setting up limited companies since 2003 and are one of the UKs leading company formation agents. Having set up thousands of limited companies we know the process inside out and can get your company setup quickly and efficiently.


Although we can setup limited by guarantee, or public limited companies, the most common type of limited company is a private company limited by shares. If you are setting up a company to run a normal profit making business, or to work as a contractor, then this is likely to be the type of company that you want. There are a few very basic requirements for setting up a private company limited by shares. You will need:

  • 1 company director and 1 company shareholder (these can be the same person). To be a company director in the UK you need to be 16 or older. If you are over 16 the only reason you wouldn’t be able to be a company director is if you have been specifically banned due to a court case. The shareholder, or shareholders, will need to be allocated at least 1 share in the company. The shares in private limited companies don’t directly relate to the value of the company or its assets. It is common practice for new companies to issue 100 shares worth £1 each and to divide these among the shareholders (if the shares were split 50/50 between 2 shareholders this would signal joint ownership and control of the company).

  • A UK address to register your business to. If you want your company to be registered in England and Wales then the address needs to be in England or Wales. If you want the company to be registered in Scotland then you need a Scottish address. The address you register your company to, known as the registered office address, will be made public by Companies House for anyone to lookup. For this reason many people don’t want to use their home address to register their company. Instead you can use a registered office service address to register your company.

  • Every company registered in the UK needs a unique company name. You cannot register a company with a name that is the same as, or very similar to, an existing company. There is also a list of sensitive words that companies either cannot use in their company name or can only use with special permission. Company names can also be rejected for being offensive. Our company name search tool will filter out names which are not unique and will also highlight sensitive words for you.

  • When your company is submitted to Companies House to be registered the company Memorandum and Articles of Association will be submitted at the same time. These form the rule book of the company and dictate what the procedures are for appointing directors, issuing shares and making decisions. Most new companies are formed using the standard ‘model articles’. It is possible to customise the rules of your company so that you can have different classes of shareholders with different voting rights or to limited the activities the company can get involved in.


Our company formation packages are tailored made to carry out the setting up of a limited company as quickly as possible. The Company Warehouse has been approved as an electronic filing agent by Companies House, which means that using us you can take advantage of our online services. Allowing a entrepreneur to complete the setting up of a limited company within 2–5 hours. As well as our fast online service we also have a team of Business Consultants who are available on the phone to answer any questions that you have about the company formation process. You can call them on 0800 0828 727.


Easy Online Set Up

Setting up a limited company online with us is easy. Our service is tailor made for online registration, so setting up a limited company online means there are no paper forms to sign and you can register online easily and quickly. We provide an online company name check tool so you can ensure your chosen name isn’t already in use. Once you’ve done that, pick from the company set up packages and register online.


No Paper Forms!

Setting up your company online with us means no paper forms to sign or look at. Register online, quickly and easily. If you get stuck at any part of the set up process or need help, contact one of our company set up specialists for free guidance!


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Our fast registration service means Setting up a limited company only takes a matter of hours. In fact, we are so confident in our same day formation service that we offer a money back guarantee on our premier formation package. The online forms are easy to fill out and we take away the hassle of setting up a limited company. With packages starting from FREE, you’ll be hard pressed to find reasons not to use our services.


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