Limited Company Formation Packages

Ready to trade limited company Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No paper forms to fill in Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fast registration Yes Yes Yes No No
Fast registration with Q-Jump No No No Yes Yes
FREE "My Company Warehouse" login Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memorandum & Articles of Association Digital copy Digital copy Hard copy Hard copy Hard copy
Certificate of Incorporation Digital copy Digital copy Hard copy Hard copy Hard copy
Combined company and domain search FREE
(Unlimited searches)
(Unlimited searches)
(Unlimited searches)
(Unlimited searches)
(Unlimited searches)
Directors or Secretary's service address Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accountancy consultancy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Month FREE start up accountancy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free bookkeeping and accountancy software trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free business Email account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free connection to an 08 business telephone number Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SEO consultation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sharepack No No No No Yes
Directors and Secretaries pack No No No No Yes
Minutes of first board meeting No No No No Yes
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Getting Your Business Started

Many businesses start off as a sole trader. It is the simplest way to start-up. Registering as a sole trader tells HMRC and the government that you are setting up and running your own business. 

One of the benefits of being a sole trader is that there is very little paperwork to do. Once you are registered as a sole trader you will need to keep up to date business records and complete an annual tax return but not much else. We can help you to do this by providing you with Sage Bookkeeping software and help from our accountants. 

It is free to register as a sole trader through our website and the process only takes a few minutes.


ex VAT

Charity Company Limited By Guarantee Formation

If you're looking to start a charity, you'll need help registering with Companies House and the Charity Commission.
Our professional legal team can help you with guidance and support on how to carry out a charity formation and what you need to do fulfil your legal obligations.


  • Registration with Companies House
  • Information on the public benefit test and other legal requirements
  • Much more!

ex VAT

Company Limited By Guarantee Formation

Looking to start a club, association, charity or sports society?
The non-profit orientated nature of a company limited by guarantee is ideal for most of these needs and can easily be customised to fit the rule of law and your intentions.

Package Includes:

  • Fast Fixed Cost Registration
  • Custom Article & Memorandums of Association
  • Register of directors and consent letters

ex VAT

Community Interest Company Registration Formation

Setting up a business for the good for the community is a very respectable thing to do.
Community Interest Companies are less strictly regulated than Charities and more often quite flexible.
To setup your CIC in just the right way, contact the company registration agent in the know!

Community Interest Company Registration includes:

  • Registration with Companies House
  • Community Interest Statement
  • Asset Lock
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

ex VAT

Limited Liability Partnership Formation

If you've decided that registering a limited liability partnership is for you then we know you'll be keen to get started as soon as possible.
We've got the knowledge and experience of dealing with Companies House to ensure the correct registration of new LLPs quickly and efficiently.

Our Services Includes:

  • FREE Guidance and Support
  • Correctly formatted Incorporation Document (submitted to the Companies Registrar)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Access to My Company Warehouse

ex VAT

Public Limited Company Formation

A public limited company is quite simply a limited company which is allowed to offer shares for sale to the public.Our Public Limited Company formation service includes all the necessaries to ensure a swift and legally correct formation including

  • FREE Expert Guidance and Support from our Knowledgeable Team
  • FREE Online Name Check
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Drafts Minutes of First Board Meeting
  • FREE My Company Warehouse login
  • FREE Book-Keeping Software

What is a Vintage Company? 

A vintage company is simply a company limited by shares which has previously been registered by us. 

Held in a non-trading capacity, the company is allowed to age, with proper accounts and returns submitted where necessary.