Standard Company Package

Our standard company formation package is the package for accountants and bookkeepers who need a simple and quick company formation for their clients.

This package is suitable for anyone who wants a basic company formed quickly, whether the company is for your own use or you are forming a company on behalf of someone else.


Is this still a fast formation?

You bet!

Is there any paperwork to sign?

Nope - everything is taken care of online.

How will I get my Company documents?

We provide the company formation documents as soon as the
company is registered to your secure client area.

Will my client know I used you?

No. All documentation is unbranded and we won't contact your clients.

What about MLR?

We will perform electronic MLR checks to verify your clients identity (directors and PSC's) and to screen PEP's/sanctions registers.
We can ask to see your due diligence documentation in addition.

Our recommended package can be found here.

It includes everything here AND we compete company registers and share certificates for you!

Billing and eligibility

  • UK Residents only
  • Suitable for accountants and agents
  • Maximum 6 Directors/Shareholders
Customer commitments
For accountant/agents: Must have completed own MLR checks.
Other fees
Companies House Filling Fee
£50.00 (included)
Delivery Costs
Debit and Credit Card Fees
Recurring costs
£ 129.99 inc VAT


  • Ready to trade Limited Company
  • No paper forms to sign
  • PEPs and Sanctions registers checked
  • Unbranded Company Documentation
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association (PDF)
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation (PDF)
  • Directors or Secretary's service address

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Standard Company Package

£116.66 ex VAT

How does it work?

  • There is a 2 stage order process. You will pick your company name, provide a few details and pay. Then you will go to a form where you will be asked for the director and shareholder details.
  • For accountants using our service for the first time we will need to perform "KYC" checks to verify your identity and your company/firm. We are usually able to do this without asking for further documentation from you if you are an established firm and we can establish this using electronic verification resources.
  • For each formation on behalf of your clients we will perform electronic verification checks for every director and PSC. If this cannot be completed electronically we will ask for copis of your KYC checks.
  • Your company application will be reviewed by Companies House. They will then provide a company number and the Certificate of Incorporation.

Is it for you?

  • Our standard company formation package will provide you a Private Company Limited by Shares, with A class shares of £1.00 denomination.
  • We only register companies where we are able to complete our own MLR obligations. We NEVER rely upon third party KYC checks under any circumstances.
  • The standard company formation can be used to form a company for your own use or to form a company for a client to use.