Business Email

Your business email address will allow you to send emails from your own domain name rather than relying on a generic, or address. This makes your business look more professional, adding credibility when you are approaching new customers and suppliers. It will also help you to keep your business and personal emails separate.

How does it work?

When you order one of our business email addresses we will look after all of the technical aspects for you, making sure that the DNS and email settings are correctly configured. You will get a webmail login which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

We will also provide you with step by step instructions on how to setup your email on email clients such as Outlook or on your phone or tablet. If you get stuck with any of this our support team are on hand to make sure you get up and running as quickly as possible.

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  • Give your business a professional look with business email on your company domain name
  • Our 5GB account can be accessed from your smart phone, through email clients like Outlook or through webmail
  • Sync your email with your accounts software so you can send invoices from your business email account
  • Add email aliases so you can give out accounts@, sales@ and support@ email addresses to clients and customers
  • Easy to link to your business website
  • Ongoing support and management included

Price Comparison

"essentials" email

Mailbox Size Telephone Support Price
10GB YES £59.88 per annum

US domain registration and hosting giant’s basic email offering.


Mailbox Size Telephone Support Price
30GB By callback only £53.35 per annum

DIY website builder WIX’s  email is provided by Google Gsuite. Excellent but pricey. Telephone support by callback only.


Mailbox Size Telephone Support Price
25GB YES £83.88 per annum

Popular with resellers UK domain registration and hosting provider.

*Prices quoted are usual sale price excluding offers/vouchers and discounts checked 10/11/2021

How to order a business email account?

1. Order a Domain

If you have not already purchased a domain simply use our domain name search tool below where you can search for and order your domain. When the domain is ready it will be available on your dashboard.

Domain Name Search

Use our domain name search tool to find available names for your business.

You can pick a single domain or purchase multiple domains to protect the online space around your brand.

2. Order Your Email Account

From your dashboard visit the domain names panel. Add the e-mail accounts you need and checkout.
When your email accounts are ready they will be available on your dashboard.

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3. Link your e-mail to your devices

Access your e-mail accounts through a web browser with our easy to use Webmail application, or follow our guides to link your e-mail accounts with your mobile device or PC.