Managed Payroll Service


  • You tell us how much you want to get paid
  • We calculate all taxes, NI contributions and deductions such as student loans
  • We tell you how much to pay yourself and how much to pay to HMRC
  • We complete all of the paperwork for you and let HMRC know via their RTI system
  • We will complete all of your year end PAYE paperwork and paperwork for new starters or leavers


Did You Know?

All business running a PAYE payroll now have to be compliant with HMRCs Real Time Information (RTI) system. RTI means that you have to notify HMRC every time you pay staff. This has to include how much you are paying staff, when your are paying them, and how many hours they’ve worked. The notification has to be done electronically using HMRC approved payroll software. If you are PAYE registered but are not actually paying yourself then you still have to file RTI returns to HMRC letting them know.

Since the RTI became a requirements in April 2013 it has become much harder for small businesses and startups to run their own payroll systems, not least because of the expense of the specialist software needed. Using our managed payroll service offers a cheaper and easier alternative for new businesses.



  • Legally take money out of your business and use your £11,000 tax free allowance (£11,500 from April 2017)
  • All paperwork and payslips produced for you
  • Fully compliant with HMRC’s RTI requirements
  • We can run payroll for any size company from 1 employee up
  • Easily scales as you add more employees
  • Keeps your National Insurance payments up to date


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