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Buying a Company Name is easy with The Company Warehouse. Every year, we help thousands of new businesses buy their ideal company name. The process is simple and can be complete within a day.

It is not possible to buy or reserve a company name in the UK without also setting up a limited company. However company formation is relatively straight forward and our team of business consultants can guide you through the process. If you know that you want to buy a limited company, use our company name search tool to ensure that your chosen company name isn’t already in use and is available to buy. Then simply choose a package from our available company formation packges and buy your company name, securing it for yourself and for your business.

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Once you have purchased your company name, be sure to fully protect it by registering it as a trade mark. Simply forming a company and registering the company name with Companies House does not mean that you have an absolute right to use it. If an existing business is already using your company name or has a trade mark which covers it then you could quickly find yourself in trouble. It is therefore well worth getting a professional trade mark search done before you register your name. Our blog article covers the details of why it’s beneficial to register your trade mark and protect your investment.