Company Name Change

£60.00 ex VAT

You might have found that your original company name is no longer appropriate to your business, perhaps you're targeting new markets and need something which can appeal to a new/wider audience. Whatever your reasons, we're here to help with an online company name change service that's simple and hassle free.


  • Includes
    FREE Company Name Search
  • Professionally and correctly drafted directors resolution
  • Professionally drafted members resolution
  • Relevant Companies House forms filled out and filed on your behalf
  • Online company name change – Easy to use, swift simple service
  • No complex paperwork to fill out
  • Low Cost – Our company name change service is available at a low cost to you, saving you the time and money
  • Speedy – Our company name change service means your company name will be changed usually within 7–14 days depending on Companies House.
  • Inclusive of £10 Companies House Filing Fee
  • Checkout Total


  • Hassle free – because it's online, we do all the paperwork for you. No unnecessarily complicated forms, just the basics in terms you can understand.
  • Swift service – with experience behind us and our online use of Companies House electronic filing system, we can complete your company name change quickly and easily.
  • FREE support – we'll give you the support and guidance to help you pick the perfect name for your company and get it registered with ease.

Company Name Change and Beyond

Changing your company name doesn't have to be a headache. With our support you can change your name, register a new domain name, get a new logo designed and much more!

All at a low cost to you. We're here to ensure your business succeeds.


Getting Started

Use our FREE company name search tool to ensure that your new company name is available before starting the company name change process.

Once you've chosen a new company name, use our online system to place an order or contact one of our business consultants for further support and guidance.

Instantly find an available company name for your business here: