Reserve a Company Name

If you are thinking of trading in the future, or have an idea and wish to stop other people using the name, you can register the company with Companies House. This means that your company name will be protected as it will be placed on the central register and cannot be used by anyone else.

You will also be able to lodge a protest against any person trying to register a company name which is similar to your own. More information on this can be found on our Company Name Change page.


Non–Trading Formation and Reserving a Company Name

In most instances where people are looking to reserve a company name, they have no intention of trading at that current point in time. However the only way to reserve a company name is to form a limited company and maintain it. Therefore our non-trading formation service is the perfect choice. Reserving a name using the non-trading formation services means that we manage the company on your behalf, registering it with Companies House, submitting the annual return and dormant accounts where necessary (a small maintenance fee applies).

If you wish to reserve a company name, contact a member of our formation team today on 0800 0828 727.


Reserving a Company Name – For FREE

The only way to reserve a company name to stop anyone else from using it is to carry out a company formation and register the company, and its name, yourself. This will ensure that your chosen company name is added to the list of company names on the company names database held by Companies House.

The Company Warehouse is currently offering FREE company formation for a limited time. Take advantage of our industry beating prices and get your company name today online. The process will only take a matter of hours and your name will be safe for use.


Protecting a Company Name – Trade Mark Registration

If you want to fully protect a name from being used by someone else or for future use by yourself, it’s important to get the full protection offered by the law.

Even if you register your company name with Companies House, it is still possible for someone to use that name as part of a brand name or name for their services or in another way. Only registering the name as a trade mark will ensure full protection. Take a look at our blog article on the benefits of trade mark registration for more detail.


Reserving a Company Name On The Web

Reserving a company name by registering it will not stop people from buying and using the web address with that name included as part of it. Take advantage of the lowest domain registration costs in the UK and secure your company name on the web today.