Register a Charity

In order to register a charity, the law requires a few criteria to be fulfilled. These requirements are put in place to ensure that those looking to register a charity do so for the right reasons and the public as a whole is protected.

The first two important requirements for registering a charity are:

  1. Registering a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee with the Companies House
  2. Registering with the Charities Commission

If you have already done a little research or have read our guide on how to start a charity, then you will know what is required in terms of charitable objects and public benefit clauses in order to register a charity. You will also know that, currently, in order to register a charity, you will need to form company limited by guarantee.

To start getting the funds you need to support your chosen cause you will need to register your company with Companies House and register with the Charities Commission. As such you will be governed by both. You will be expected to submit the relevant accounts, files and reports to each body, every year.

In order to register a charity with Companies House, you will need to draw up the proper documents. Our service includes guidance and support on what should be included where necessary and we offer drafts of the particular clauses and objects perfectly suited to your needs.

Registering a charity

Charity Registration Requirement:

Once registered with Companies House, you will need to register with Charity Commission in order to complete the process of registering a charity. To do so, the Commission requires the production of a “governing document” which fulfils certain criteria and governs how the charity will operate. The document should include:

  • charity name
  • objects
  • powers
  • charity trustees
  • meetings and proceedings of charity trustees
  • membership
  • accounts
  • bank accounts
  • trustees not to have a personal interest
  • holding of land and investments
  • power of investment
  • power of amendment
  • power of dissolution


Our Charity Registration Service supplies for all your needs getting your charity registered as a company. Drafts or model documents can be supplied for each of the relevant parts and we will provide free support and guidance, giving you the help you need where ever we can. Its then up to you to get your charity registered with the commission. We can provide you with guidance to help you on the way. Register a charity today by contacting our Charity Registration team freephone 0800 0828 727.