£43.43 ex VAT


  • Process
    All businesses with a turnover above £85,000 have to register for VAT
  • Below £85,000 you can do a voluntary VAT registration
  • Many big businesses will only deal with VAT registered businesses
  • Once you are VAT registered you can claim back VAT on any purchases
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  • Fast VAT Registration for your Business
  • Get your business registered for VAT in 48 hours
  • We will file your 1st VAT return for you
  • VAT guidance available
  • Low cost, one off payment
  • 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE Service

Did You Know?

There are three different rates of VAT. They are:

  • Standard Rate 20% on most goods and services

  • Reduced Rate 5% some goods and services including home energy

  • Zero Rate 0% covers non-luxury items such as food and newspapers

Once you are registered for VAT you have to file regular VAT returns with HMRC. These are normally done every quarter. If you use our fast VAT registration service we will file the first VAT return with HMRC for you.

Once you are VAT registered you have to provide VAT invoices for items that you sell. These need to include a breakdown of the cost of each item you are selling, how much VAT is being charged on each item and the total including VAT. We can provide you with specialist bookkeeping software which can be used to create VAT invoices.


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