Virtual Receptionist


  • Our cloud based Virtual Receptionist system allows you to manage incoming customer calls
  • You select a 0800, 0843 or local phone number to give out to your customers. This will be linked to your existing mobile or landline
  • You select what you want to happen when a customer calls
  • Customer calls can go to a voice menu so customers press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc.
  • Customer calls can ring on your mobile and landline at the same time, or in sequence
  • Customer calls can be routed to voicemail after a specified time with an email sent to you to let you know you have missed a call

Billing and eligibility

Requires compatible 08/01/02 numbers
Customer commitments
Other fees
Debit and Credit Card Fees
Recurring costs
£14.99 + VAT per month
£ 17 .99 inc VAT

Picking the best phone number for your business

The type of number you choose for your business sends out a strong message to your customers. Having a mobile as your main business number may be good if your business is constantly on the move but it doesn’t send out a great message if you are trying to get a contract with a big company. If you are going after big corporate clients then having an 0800 or 0843 number may give a better impression. 0800 numbers are also good for businesses where you want customers to call you to make bookings or get quotes as they are free for your customers to call.

If you are targeting specific towns or cities with your business then you will want a number that has the local dialling code. This tells customers that you really are covering their local and will be able to look after their needs.

We can provide your business with local numbers or with 08 numbers and connect them to your existing landline or mobile phone. You don’t need to buy a new line or any other new equipment and we can normally get you up and running in a couple of hours.


  • Make sure you never miss customer phone calls
  • Pick the type of phone number you want, 01, 02 or 08 and have them linked to your existing mobile or landline number
  • Route customer phone calls to different departments with interactive voice menus (IVR)
  • Route customer phone calls to your mobile, home phone, office phone or voicemail depending on the time of day
  • Make multiple phones ring when a customer calls to give you the best chance of answering
  • Upload your own custom voice announcements and welcome messages so customers instantly know they have phones the right business

Virtual Receptionist

£14.99 ex VAT
Per Month