What information should a letterhead include?

The minimum legally required information to include on your letterhead:

  • Your Company’s registered name
  • Your Company’s registration number
  • The registered office address for the company
  • The jurisdiction in which it is registered (ie Scotland, England & Wales, Wales or Northern Ireland)

The requirement of limited companies in regards to the registration of a company name and address and where this information must be displayed is quite clear. Under section 351 of the Companies Act 1985 every limited company is legally obliged to display its full company name, registration number and registered address on all business correspondence as well as outside its place of business. Despite this, the question of why it is necessary and how you can change your registered office address is still one that we’re asked quite frequently.Business stationery with registered company details

Companies House records

When you consider that Companies House are incorporating thousands of new businesses as limited companies every day, there has to be a way of identifying them all. Registering a name and address for your business and being allocated a unique company number is the only way of doing this.

Once a limited company is registered, this does not signal the end of your dealings with Companies House either. Not only do you need to file certain documents with them on a regular basis including the annual accounts and an annual return, but you need to provide written notification of any changes to company structure. If there were not registered company names, addresses and numbers on file, it is inconceivable that they would be able to keep track of them.

Informs customers and suppliers who they are dealing with

The other reason why this information is necessary is to enable customers and suppliers to identify who they are doing business with. Having a registered company name, address and number makes limited companies searchable on the Companies House database and allows you to find information about them. You wouldn’t do business with an organisation you knew nothing about and the presence of these details on correspondence and signage ensures you don’t have to.

How do you change your company’s registered address?

The registered address can be changed but, as with all proposed changes that affect the identity or make-up of your company, these must be communicated to Companies House.

Your company’s new registered office address must be in the same part of the UK that the company was incorporated. In other words, if your company was incorporated in England and Wales, the new registered office address must also be in England and Wales. Remember that your address won’t officially change until Companies House approves your change request.

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