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How to Make Sure Your Startup Succeeds

Thinking of starting a new business? You’re not alone. The number of new companies registered in the UK reached a record high this year, with 53,000 in May and 38,000 dissolved, pushing company formation numbers up to 3,721,493, the highest ever recorded. Although this spike in company formation numbers is encouraging, the sobering fact remains that only […]

How to Network Effectively

It’s no secret that strong networking skills are an essential component of any entrepreneurs’ skill set. The ability to network effectively can make the difference between leaving an event having laid the foundation for future relationships, or with nothing. With a limited amount of time and a room full of potential contacts, it’s important to […]

Finding Funding for Innovative Startup Businesses

A common issue for many first time entrepreneurs is knowing what sources of funding are available and how to go about getting them. For businesses with high startup costs, or where product development is needed, lack of appropriate funding often means businesses don’t get started at all. Once possible funding sources have been identified it […]

5 Great Digital Skills Resources for Startups and Small Businesses

Last week we published our research on startups and digital skills, BamGoogled: Digital skills among newly registered businesses. The report highlighted that while digital skills are bad among small businesses they are worse among newly registered businesses. The report showed that the vast majority of new businesses being started in the UK lacked the skills […]

Many Startups Dependent on Google Adwords

Our BamGoogled: Digital skills among newly registered businesses report highlights the lack of digital marketing knowledge and skills among early stage startups. One of the key findings was that less than 10% of startups know what they need to do to get ‘organic’ traffic onto their website from Google, social media and other sources. A […]

Less than 10% of Startups Budget for Online Marketing

One of the first challenges most startups have is finding their first paying customer. Not long after that the challenge normally becomes finding enough customers to become profitable. Doing this is going to require a marketing effort of some kind whether that is going to networking events and trade shows, handing out flyers or advertising […]